PHILOSOPHY: “ To carry out the practice of natural and cultural preservation through environmentally sensitive mountain travel programs”

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Cordillera Blanca Adventures Peru's pioneer in mountain ecotravel and cultural expeditions was established in 1982 by a native family of Huaraz, professionals in tourism, conservation and education, to carry out the philosophy and practice of natural and cultural preservation through environmentally sensitive travel.

Our Company is headquartered in Huaraz, "The Capital of Mountaineering and International Friendship".

Our location in the foothills of the impressive Cordillera Blanca, the tropic's highest mountain range, protected by the Huascarán National Park is linked to our commitment to the preservation of Andean biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Our knowledge of this region and its people, our commitment to the preservation of living cultures such as the Quechua, and our understanding of the rich complexity of the mountain's fragile ecosystems are the foundations of our programs.

Discover the magic of the Peruvian Andes with us! For more than twenty five years we have introduced visitors to the wonders of our mountain home while adhering to our strong ethic of natural and cultural preservation, we care about our home and we know that once you have seen it, you will also.


In our Natural History and Archaeology Tours, travelers visit outstanding areas of the Huascarán National Park and Biosphere Reserve; enjoy its magnificent mountain scenery, and outstanding high Andean flora and fauna. Travelers have a unique opportunity to interact with the native inhabitants of this preserve.

We visit the remains of little known major pre-Inca and Inca sites spread across the Peruvian territory. The coastal desert, fertile valleys, and the Andes have spawned 21 major cultures, culminating in the Inca civilization. We also find mysterious archaeological sites in remote areas of the Andes, and in the edges of the Amazon rainforest, almost covered by lush vegetation.

The rural descendents of these millenary civilizations have remained virtually untouched by Spanish colonialism. Living cultures such as the Quechua, Aymara and Urus, provide us with learning opportunities to gain insight into the cultural achievement of a glorious past and witness its cultural heritage.

Adventure Expeditions are carefully designed to enjoy the very best of the tropics' highest mountain scenery and ecosystems of the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Huayhuash, while participating in one of our trekking itineraries or climbing its awesome mountains. We make sure that even in remote destinations you enjoy plenty of comfort and a tasty first class cuisine.

In these expeditions, travelers enjoy viewing some of the world's most renowned peaks, rising above formidable icefalls, colourful lakes and deep canyons with varied sub tropical high altitude flora. They also provide opportunities to meet and interact with friendly native people of remote villages who live ancestral lifestyles, learning about their spiritual insights and sharing their traditional wisdom.

Soft Adventure Journeys are for travelers with adventurous spirit and love of wilderness, eager to experience cultural encounters with our past and present local traditions, while enjoying the comfort of the hotel and a good restaurant at the end of the day.

We offer scenic sightseeing tours, hikes to spectacular canyons and pristine lakes, scenic horse riding, and river rafting. Our programs also include visits to protected natural areas with native wildlife, archaeological sites, and pre-historic caves. During these explorations we will have opportunities to interact with local people sharing their cultural expressions and folklore.

Cordillera Blanca Adventures' main operations are within the Huascarán National Park, a World's Biosphere Reserve and a Natural Heritage Site. Other destination is the Cordillera Huayhuash, a remote wilderness paradise of glistening snow clad peaks and pristine lakes, inhabited by native people living traditional lifestyles.

To accomplish its conservation and education goals, our company implements educational programs and rural school libraries. We have developed environmental education training for rural teachers working in the schools of the park, near to our travel destinations. Cordillera Blanca adventures also provides training and working opportunities in mountain tourism for native inhabitants of the reserve, as an economic alternative use of the park's resources. Travelers are welcomed to contribute to our programs and meet the people who benefit from it.

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