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As a climber I traveled many times (more than 20) in the Andes range (Perú, Bolivia and Ecuador). I always prefer working with local companies rather than organize my climbs with a western agency. but, alas, most of the times, local companies don’t provide to you what they offer. even sometimes it’s all a fake.
I found a brilliant exception in Cordillera Blanca Adventures. Since the first time I took the services of that friendly staff (14 years ago!)  I realized that you can trust them:  seriousness, good food, quality equipment, safety….and the most important, real mountain guides (UIAA licensed) and not those self-called guides who put you under risk because of their lack of skills.
My last climbs with them took place in February 2008, yes out of season. but with the help of their advice and the guides they offered, the climbs where successful and safe: Vallunaraju. Yanapaccha and Rima Rima all of them in “winter” conditions: lot of snow and nobody to be seen

Alfonso Vaquero

El viaje fue inolvidable, por los buenos momentos y la calidad humana de Nelson. Otro punto muy a su favor es la flexibilidad con que se manejó el itinerario y el sincero interés por la seguridad y la satisfacción de nosotros”.

(Laguna de Llanganuco y laguna de Churup)
Consuelo Estéves y Alexander Ramírez – BOGOTA - COLOMBIA)

The trip was very well organized, fluent English guide, and the camp site always prepared with hot drinks and top quality food in advance of our arrival.
Best wishes to all of Cordillera Blanca Adventures, and many many thanks for a Spectacular experience!!.

(Llanganuco/ Santa Cruz Trek)

Dan Hughes & Carla ( LONDON, ENGLAND)
Our local guide – Tana – is really excellent almost from every point of view. I wish that all our local guides in Perú will be like Tana!.

(Trujillo, Callejon de Huaylas Valley, Chavin de Huantar)

Prof. Moshe Agami (ISRAEL)

Our experience with Cordillera Blanca Adventures has been excellent. Your services and professionalism has been great. Many thanks to our guide José, who really saved us, many thanks to our cook Alejo, for the good food. Tana thanks for you help, your service has been excellent. I would recommend your company and services to all.

(Huascaran Mountain Climbing)

Silvio & Lenko Kovach(USA)
Edgar, thank you very much for making this trip so memorable for our family. Your team was great in every aspect, they made every experience, very memorable and educational.

(Callejon de Huaylas Valley, Chavin de Huantar and Ulta gorge)

Carlos Rondan & Family (USA)

My wife, son and I, were most impressed by this wonderful experience in the Andes,.. Thanks to Nelson and his team. This trek on the North side of Alpamayo, Huillca, Jancapamapa, Yaino to Vaqueria was definitely one of the most memorable trips, my family and I have been so far.

(Los Cedros – Alpamayo – Vaqueria Trek, and Caral archaeological site)

Pierre, Nina & Emile Lessard (USA)
The local organization was executed with "Swiss Precision": everybody was exactly on time. The driver/guide teams were all excellent in every respect and couldn't have been more informative and helpful (Tjen and Nelson for Lima-Huaraz-Trujillo).

(Pre Inca Kingdoms of Northern Peru)

Hartmut Schmied -SWITZERLAND

We feel really lucky to have discovered Cordillera Blanca Adventures on-line. The moment we reached the top of the Punta Unión pass was one of the most memorable of our entire trip to Perú. This must be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

(Llanganuco - Santa Cruz Trek)

Erick Defonso & Cindy Shelito (USA)
We had a fantastic trip – the hike was breath, Thanks. Excellent guides and food throughout our stay. Look forward to returning one day.

(Northern Peru & Llanganuco Camping)

Ed Miles & Allison Boyer (ENGLAND)

We found Cordillera Blanca Adventures at random on the internet and have been very happy with the level of service (guide, equipment, food, logistics.) Tanks to Ricardo (our excellent guide) frontino and guinda (our tough but annoyed llamas) and Nelson for arranging it all!.

(Llama trek – Olleros / Chavin)

Scott Brixen & Nori Chakshuvej(USA)
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